WPSA Decolonizing Political Science Virtual Community Research Workshop: Saturday, January 16, 2021 (closed)

We are hosting a research workshop for members of our community and people interested in working with us to share their work in an intimate setting and receive intensive feedback. This workshop will involve assigning people to small groups of about three people where we each pre-read each other’s work, send pre-written feedback prior to the workshop, and meet to give targeted feedback to each other. Research of any type (article, chapter draft, book proposal, etc.) at any stage is welcomed. After discussing our work, we will meet as a larger group to build community. There is no requirement to turn the camera on during our workshop.

Future Workshop Topics

Indigenous Pedagogies

Understanding how western modes of institutional knowledge create barriers between people and the land.

Decolonizing Research

Embarking upon research agendas which challenge traditional notions of knowledge production and what counts as political science.


Thinking through the ways that race, class, sexuality, embodiment, ability, and place of origin intersect to create unique positionalities with respect to power.


Identifying the various structures and mechanisms which release those in power from remaining accountable to communities of color.

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