BIPOC Praxis Lab

The Praxis Lab is meant as a space to learn, heal, and act.

As its name suggests, the BIPoC Praxis Lab is a BIPoC-only space.

Scholars can connect with others seeking to expand their study of decolonization or are involved or interested in being involved in grassroots community building and community-based research.
There are multiple projects within the Praxis Lab, and this list will expand and retract based on interest.

Reading Group

Our Reading Group (formerly Decolonial Politics Study Group) is a BIPoC-only space. Initially, this group was formed by Chicanx/Latinx political scientists as a means to address our
internalization of anti-Blackness and anti-indigeneity and interrogate the ways we perpetuate imperialist ideologies in our scholarly work. This revamped Reading Group expands these topics to foster a deeper understanding of decolonization, anti-imperialism, and intersectionality.

Media Group

The Media Project is a BIPoC-only space for those interested in radical public intellectualism, other forms of radical politics, and/or non-traditional political engagement. This is a space for
sharing resources on publishing/reaching beyond academic venues; for highlighting BIPoC and decolonial, anti-oppressive research; and for creating subaltern media through podcasts, blogs, social media, and other non-academic methods. This is a place for insurgent scholarship that moves beyond the rigid limitations of Western logics and methods.

“We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

Assata Shakur

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