Junior Women of Color Retreat

January 2020, First cohort: (pictured left to right) Kimberly Fields, Sherice Nelson, Stacey Greene, Melina Juarez Perez, Nura A. Sediqe, Diane Wong (front), Jamil Scott, Jenn M. Jackson, Taneisha Fields


This workshop is a multi-day writing retreat aimed at creating networking and professionalization opportunities for pre-tenure women of color in political science. The week long program will feature meetings with community practitioners and focused writing time for participants to advance their own scholarship. Our program shifts away from a hierarchical model of mentorship to emphasize reciprocity and the production of shared knowledge around immediate needs at the institutional and personal levels. By building the production of scholarship into participation in the program, the broader impact of the program will be the generation of knowledge by more pre-tenure women of color.



The cohort model of the retreat is meant to create a pipeline of support for junior women of color faculty and scholars.


Women of color face unique circumstances in the academy and are often gaslit when seeking recognition of those unique experiences. The retreat is a place to be affirmed and seen.


The retreat brings together women of color from different universities and institutions with the intention of pooling resources, knowledge, and ideas.


Women of color are often excluded from co-author opportunities, research grant applications, and other funding opportunities. The retreat is meant to provide a collective of scholars who are interested in similar work and ideals to build upon together.

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